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LIVESTREAM: #AlumniTalk: “Điều gì khiến BẠN đặc biệt | What make a WOMAN special?”

Livestream #AlumniTalk “Điều gì khiến BẠN đặc biệt | What makes a WOMAN special?” was held by Vietnam’s Graduates from Australia Club (VGAC)  on Thursday evening,07th October 2021 with the participation of two special female guests:

***TIEN NGUYEN – Alumna of La Trobe University, Co-founder & Managing Director, Breast Cancer Network in Vietnam (BCVN)

***INTERNATIONAL RUNNER-UP THUY VAN – current student of RMIT Vietnam;  Founder of Inspired by SHE and CEO of Cesium Entertainment

We all know developing a personal brand is valuable since a strong reputation can put you on the radar for exciting career opportunities. Recognizing self-value is a foundation for healthy growth, especially for women. The session brought insightful sharings from our two guest speakers such as:

– Do you understand yourself?

– How your personal brand benefits your work/ your business?

– What difficulties do women encounter when building their personal brand?

– How to tell your story?

– How to control your stories on social media?

– What makes a woman special?

– Steps to rebuild your self-worth.

With the professional facilitator of DR. HO PHU HAI – Alumnus of UTS & WSU, Lecturer of Professional Communication at RMIT Vietnam, the event successfully had an intimate engagement and interacted with many young viewers.

The Livestream was concluded with 02 Lucky Draw gifts sponsored by Study Melbourne and the winners are:

– Nguyen Thị Huong

– Ho Bich Tram

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