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LIVESTREAM: #AlumniSharing: First Aid in Office | Sơ cứu tại văn phòng

On Thursday 28 April 2022, Vietnam’s Graduates from Australia Club (VGAC) and Study Melbourne co-organized the Livestream #AlumniSharing “First Aid in Office” with the sharing from TRANG JENA NGUYEN, Co-founder of Survival Skills Vietnam SSVN.

Trang Jena Nguyen, an alumna of Australia Awards Scholarships, acquired her master degree in Public Advocacy and Action from Victoria University in 2007 and has more than 18 years working in community development sector. She used to live in Zurich, Switzerland and made her commitment to return to Vietnam 3-5 times every year to pursue her passion for community development activities in her home country.

Trang Jena co-founded Survival Skills Vietnam (SSVN) in 2014 after having participated in a first-aid training course organised by the Australian Alumni in Da Nang when she immediately realised the vital importance of these survival skills, which have been neglected in Vietnam. After 7 years operating in Vietnam, Survival Skills Vietnam nowadays, with the great effort and persistence of its 3 co-founders, has become the leading first aid training organisation in Vietnam. SSVN registered itself as a social enterprise with the aspiration to provide basic critical first aid knowledge and skills to all Vietnamese. In 2019, Trang Jena accomplished her coaching training and started her new professional as an inner-peace and relationship coach. TA Relationship & Healing Coaching was founded to realise her desire in raising awareness of mental health issues and thenceforward healing if required and nurturing for a more fulfilling content living.

In the Livestream, Trang Jena Nguyen delivered a great sharing of the following topics

  • Dealing with bleeding.
  • Dealing with fainting.
  • Handling food choking.
  • Handling stroke.
  • Dealing with falling

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