VGAC Introduction

VGAC – The Vietnam’s Graduates from Australia Club is a non-profit organisation founded in 1991 by the Vietnam – Australia Friendship Association (VAFA) and open to all Australian Alumni in Vietnam. With 25 years of establishment and strong support from the Australian Government, Australian institutions, and companies in Vietnam, the organisation has built a network of more than 6000 members in five chapters – Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho. The members are working as government officials, business people, academics and professionals throughout the country, playing their parts in contributing to the development of both Vietnam and Australia and to collaboration between the two countries.

VGAC Mission

To create excellent networking opportunities for our members, as well as to contribute to the promotion of friendship, education, collaborative relations and mutual understanding between Vietnam and Australia.

From the Management Board

On behalf of all members,
Welcome to the Vietnam’s Graduates from Australia Club (VGAC)
As a proud Australian graduate who has been fortunate to be involved in the transforming of the club since 1997, I congratulate all members of VGAC for one of the best decisions you made in life - the decision to study in Australia. Australia has long been recognized as a world class destination not only for education and hi-tech, but also as one of the friendliest, most peaceful and livable. Australia has offered Vietnamese students and their families the very best overseas study experience package and continues to be the first choice for tens of thousands of Vietnamese every year in a tradition that stretched back for the last 30 years.
Whether through generous government scholarships, or family investment, Vietnamese graduates from Australia have achieved spectacular goals for their individual careers, for both their family fulfilment and our national development. As members individually and collectively, we have much to be proud of and even more for which we should be humbly grateful.
VGAC has become one of the largest and most active English-speaking alumni clubs in Vietnam with nearly 7000 members and we are eager to build on this foundation, extending our reach to many more alumni and building a network of supporting talents and meaningful relationships.
My 3-year tenure as the VGAC National Chairperson from March 2022 follows one of the most challenging periods in global history, with the world effectively shut down from a global pandemic and a recovery now threatened by challenges to world security and economics. In this climate, we all need to ask ourselves “What role can we at VGAC play?”. I believe one area where we can prove invaluable, is through our core agenda in collaboration with our stakeholders, of helping future Vietnamese students build confidence in studying in Australia or studying Australian programs in Vietnam, and supporting fellow Vietnamese graduates returning home with career development and cultural social integration. My sincere wish is for all of us to embrace and live these values with a loving heart and mind!

Nguyen Hong Ha
National Chairwoman