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Newly launched by VGAC member: Câu chuyện Cocktail / Cocktail Story

(Vietnamese below)

Conor Nguyen – Alumnus of Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School – is the Founder of Câu chuyện Cocktail – Vietnam’s first Facebook blog dedicated to all things related in the bar industry with over 26,000 followers since 2015.

In 2020, Conor Nguyen published the book named “Câu chuyện Cocktail – Bartender’s Guide”. This was the first professional book in Vietnamese about bar and bartender. The enthusiasm and love for the profession have helped Conor Nguyen be meticulous and careful in each page of the book to release “Câu chuyện Cocktail – Bartender’s Guide”. The book includes thoughts, theories, basic techniques and some recipes that are referenced from many reliable specialised documents and from the author’s practical work experience will be a professional guide for young bartender, which are interesting sharing for people who love to prepare and enjoy delicious drinks.

“Câu chuyện Cocktail – Bartender’s Guide” would be a book that helps to change previous prejudices about the bartender profession. “Please think carefully before doing something. A good cocktail doesn’t only need good wine, but everything behind it. It is the new preparation stage that is the most important ingredient in making drinks. ”- The advice of author Conor Nguyen wants to send to all young people who have been, are, and will pursue the bartender profession.

Recently Conor Nguyen has officially launched his website (Câu chuyện Cocktail/ Cocktail Story). We extend warm congratulations to Conor Nguyen on his new achievement. 

Conor Nguyen had over 3 years of bartender’s experience in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, and over 4 years of experience working in the Hospitality industry in general. He is now the Brand Marketing Coordinator at Sông Cái Distillery 

Conor Nguyen – Cựu du học sinh trường Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School vừa chính thức ra mắt trang website (Câu chuyện Cocktail/ Cocktail Story)

Conor Nguyen sáng lập trang “Câu Chuyện Cocktailvào năm 2015, đến nay đã có hơn 26,000 followers. Conor là một trong những người trẻ tài năng trong ngành bar Vietnam. Conor có công đóng góp rất lớn với cộng đồng Bar Vietnam với trang Câu Chuyện Cocktail, nơi mà những kiến thức về bartending được chia sẽ cặn kẽ nhất. 

Năm 2020, Conor ra mắt quyển sách “Câu Chuyện Cocktail – Bartender’s Guide“với mong muốn cô đọng những kiến thức mà anh đã tích lũy 5 năm qua từ những ngày đầu tiên phát  triển trang “Câu Chuyện Cocktail”. Đây là tác phẩm đầu tiên ở Việt Nam viết về ngành bar.

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