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LIVESTREAM: #CareerGuidance “Chọn ngành học ĐANG HOT hay theo ĐAM MÊ”

Livestream #CareerGuidance “Chọn ngành học HOT hay theo ĐAM MÊ” was held by Vietnam’s Graduates from Australia Club (VGAC) on Wednesday, 29th September 2021.

Based on a fact that many students are struggling with endless self-questions such as what course to apply, which subjects to study in the course, or are there any promising jobs post-graduation? The event seeks to be the spark that provides supports, advice for a one-dimensional view of college and careers from our two guests:

**TIEN NGUYEN – Alumna of La Trobe University, Co-founder & Managing Director, Breast Cancer Network in Vietnam (BCVN)

** DANNY NGUYEN – Alumnus of Sydney University, Founder & Managing Director, Danny Nguyen Academy.

Additionally, with the engaging moderation of THANH HUYNH – HTV Anchorwoman, the Livestream was fulfilled with information relating to study in Australia and work.

– Why was Australia chosen to be the studying destination?

– Which subjects were remembered most in the course?

– What were the best memories of the university?

– Alternative university to study the same course.

– Which job can be applied after graduation?

– What challenges does an alumnus encounter when returning to Vietnam?

Our guests also gave out gifts sponsored by their universities – La Trobe University and University of Sydney to audiences who asked interesting questions. The Livestream was concluded with 2 Lucky Draw gifts sponsored by Study Melbourne.

To watch the Livestream “Chọn ngành học HOT hay theo ĐAM MÊ” again, please visit:


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